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Getting Started

Thank you for choosing My Easy Host.com.  The following steps will help you through the rest of the process.

  1. After you submit your order form, billing is processed. Once you are approved, your account is set up within 24 hours or less. 

  2. On your behalf, we send a request to InterNIC to setup or transfer the domain you specified on your application.  This step is skipped if you signed up for a sub-domain account or if you did not register with Network Solutions.

  3. We will send you a temporary address for your site in an e-mail.   This allows you to begin to work on your site even before your domain is pointed at our Domain Name Servers.

  4. At this point you can use Microsoft® FrontPage® 2002 (if you asked for a Microsoft® FrontPage® -Based Server) or you may FTP to your temporary IP address. 

  5. If you choose to FTP, then place all your HTML and Graphics in the docs directory.  Remember that our server is case sensitive.  If you wish to have a page come up when someone types your address, create a page called index.html or index.htm  Make sure that the file is lowercase.  If you chose NT® hosting, simply name your file default.htm or default.asp and place them in the docs directory located inside of the www directory.

  6. If you decide to use CGI, please place your scripts in the cgi-bin directory.  Make sure any files you can read in a text editor such as notepad, you upload as ASCII.  Also make sure you set the CGI file executable (755) with the CHMOD command found in most ftp clients.  If you fail to follow this step exactly, you will receive a server error.

  7. Once your domain name is acquired from InterNIC, then you are ready to let others know about your site.  You may wish to use a site like www.submit-it.com or get a web promotion tool from www.tucows.com to place your site in search engines.

  8. My Easy Host.com  hopes that you enjoy your new site.   Feel free to look through our support area, as it includes information that may assist you during the setup and maintenance of your domain. Please use the control panel to make changes to your account.