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SSL Secured Web Site

  SSL, or Secure Socket Layer certificates are most commonly used during e-commerce transactions.  They provide encryption between the user and the web server, making it difficult to hijack a users personal information during transit.  

  MyEasyHost can help you obtain a Thawte SSL certificate used to secure your site.  The cost for a Thawte SSL certificate is $125.00 US Dollars. (subject to change)

Steps to obtain a SSL Certificate:

  1. Submit your request to MyEasyHost.  

  2. MyEasyHost will bill you for the cost of the key.

  3. Fax a copy of your business documents (DBA, Articles of Incorporation, etc.) to us at 810.496.0455

  4. Submit the required information including your name, title, company, email address, phone and fax number.  This information will be given to Thawte.

  5. The information will be submitted to Thawte for processing.  At this time, Thawte will contact you to verify that the information is correct.

  6. Thawte will issue MyEasyHost a copy of your certificate.  This will be installed on one of our SSL enabled servers.

  7. Access your new SSL secured site with https://www.yourdomain.ext

  For more information about SSL technology, please contact info@customweb.net.