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Electronic Commerce consists of buying, selling, and trading of goods and services on the Internet.  An E-commerce enabled site can be as simple as a catalog with a telephone number or a full featured online storefront complete with credit card processing. 

Why do I need an E-commerce enabled site?

An E-commerce site allows your business to be competitive.  With over 20 million people currently buying products and services over the internet, there is great potential to make a profit.  If your business wants to keep up with the demands of tomorrow, e-commerce is a must have for the next millennium. 

What steps do I need to take to get started?

  1. Pick a MyEasyHost hosting package.
  2. Create your website.
  3. Chose a payment processing method and open a merchant account. MyEasyHost recommends PayNet Merchant Services
  4. If you have decided on online transactions, purchase a secure server certificate (SSL).  For more information, consult our SSL Secured section.
  5. Promote your online presence.  You can find utilities to promote your site at www.tucows.com
  6. Start making a profit.